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Lirik Lagu Somebody Pleasure – Aziz Hendra

Foto : Somebody Pleasure – Aziz Hendra/Tangkap Layar/Chanel Youtube
Aziz Hedra

Lagu berjudul ‘Somebody Pleasure’ merupakan lagu yang diyanyikan oleh penyanyi Aziz Hendra.Lagu ini viral dan banyak dicover oleh penyanyi lainnya di media sosial.Lagu ‘Somebody Pleasure’ menceritakan tentang seseorang yang berada di titik terendah dalam hidup.

ingin tau lirik Somebody Pleasure berikut detailnya :


I’ve been so busy, ignoring, and hiding
About what my heart actually say
Stay awake while I’m drowning on my thoughts
Sometimes a happiness
is just a happiness

I’ve never been enjoyin’ my serenity
Even if I’ve got a lot of company
That makes me happy

Soul try to figure it out
From where I’ve been escapin’
Running to end all the sin
Get away from the pressure

Wondering to get a love that is so pure
Gotta have to always make sure
That I’m not just somebody’s pleasure

I always pretending and lying
Like I’m used to feel empty
‘Cause all I got is unhappy
Happiness, can’t I get happiness?

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